Home Breathing Practice – Step by Step

One of the main, if not the most important factors when learning the practice of YOGA is to learn how to breathe properly. But Are we even aware how we can even breathe on a daily basis? 

Yoga focus strongly on breathing to establish this connection of mind and body. The practice of YOGA can improve mental awareness, as well as alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Breathing exercises, or “Pranayama”, are one of the three main structures of yoga, along with physical exercise and meditation. These exercises are intended to help people learn to control their breathing and thereby improve health.

Some people tend to, breathe through their mouths or suck in their stomachs, decreasing lung capacity and the efficiency of the respiratory system.

When people are not breathing properly, the oxygen entering the body, specifically the bloodstream will decrease, making it harder for the body to expel toxins.

Yoga breathing exercises teach you how to breathe properly, eventually without even thinking about it.

I present you a great and very easy “Home Breathing practice” to get started :

In order to start a relaxed practice you must keep in mind the following steps:

  1. Choose a private place free from interruption and distraction, with good air circulation.
  1. Prepare a steady, comfortable seat. Sitting on a cushion or folded blanket is ideal to support level hips, an erect spine, and a relaxed belly.
  1. Begin with a body scan to check how you’re feeling(physically and mentally) and consciously relax the major tension holders in the body (the forehead, eyes, jaw, shoulders, belly, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet).
  1. Take a few deep abdominal breaths to ground your attention in the present. Counting from 1 to 3. Fill the belly, rib cage w oxygen, put your left hand on your rib cage, inhale deeply.
  1. To exhale, put your right hand, do the same and repeat up to 10 times….

This simple exercise will bring you simplicity, serenity, and peace to start your day. Try to practice this 2 times a day. Enjoy the tranquility and just be present!

Thank yourself for giving the time to your mind, body and soul and learn with me!

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