Relieve Stress and Headaches NOW!

I don’t know about you , but let me ask you: Have you felt stress in a situation that automatically causes you headache? Or something that triggers a migraine right away? How often do you feel this happening? How do you handle this ?  I am sure you can relate and that is why I wrote this quick but beneficial blog to help you to relieve that headache as I GO THROUGH IT very OFTEN! 

So here is the situations, regardless who we are, single, married, house wives, students, young professionals. etc, we all live similar feelings and experiences and we go through what is called LIFE, which sometimes get rough and we go through difficult times.

For a long time I have thought how we all go through many stages in our lives that aren’t that easy . But when our health starts being affected  and stress  and headaches  kicked in our lives is not fun, for sure what we don’t expect and the majority of the times, is hard to deal with it. 

I have experienced days when either emotional , financial, professional or any reason have caused me a painful headaches, and if you can identify yourself with this, you absolutely know how stressing, overwhelming and depressing can be feeling like this, to the point to ruins your whole day because the stress and headache becomes unbearable.

Sometimes when we have those days when we feel stressed and overwhelmed, and speaking from my own experience, I can convey the fact that feeling stressed , brings us to a point with totally lack of energy that takes ownership of our whole body and a total sense of sadness and depression. In my case very heavy headaches leading sometimes to bad migraines..

To start with , the key is start understanding how your breathing process works, how to join, sustain it. By elongating your breathing you will be able to hear it and connect with it in that moment of stress. It’s very important practice when feeling relaxed to gain this understanding and become familiar with your process.

Yoga has become my best friend when dealing with days with absolute stress and headache when I cant do any movement because of the headache, all I can do is lay on bed and just rest, but with this horrible pain. That is why I have written this blog, because even though I struggle with this very often i have found in my yoga practice, with breathing a relieve that is helping me a lot. You probably wonder how ?

In 4 basic steps you will be able to find a quick and very easy tool to relieve stress and headaches, might not be instantly, but will relieve lots of tension and pain. Please read and practice the following steps.

How TO DO  IT in 4 steps? 


  • Find a straight position either on your chair, sitting on bed, or on the floor, whenever you are and the stress comes, just make sure you try to sit and with you back straight will follow the next steps:
  • Inhale THROUGH YOUR NOSE  (to a 3-count mentally) and slowly open up your chest and your rib cage, you should feel your chest and shoulders coming up in this moment.  Counting will help you to maintain and elongate this inhalation.
  • Exhale (again to a 3-count mentally) and while slowly lowering the abdomen toward the floor and raising the head, neck and chin, (remember counting will keep you focused and will make this exhalation deeper and longer).
  • Repeat this movement with the corresponding breath 3 to 6 times.


Finish by lying down for 5 to 10 minutes, relaxing the breath and letting go of all tension. Deepening on the breathing is not as easy as you might think, it will take a bit of practice, but when stress and tension arises causing you also headache is a marvelous tool to relieve it. Do NOT feel frustrated or upset if your breathing is superficial at first, still you are working your breathing and it will get better and you will able to connect more and more with practicing.

Remember the ideal is not to practice just when we feel stressed and with headaches, but we want to make it part of a our daily lives. With the progress in your practice , headaches will decrease and stress management will become easier with this powerful breathing practice. 

Hope this will help you to relieve some of those headaches and little by Little lead you to manage them with breathing and slowing down . Thank you for reading and NAMASTE :)

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