Why Women should have a “Tribe”?


We are the pillar of homes, places , families; we all have different traits and personalities; We are strong, focused, loving; Some of us more independent than others, hard workers; courageous and many more amazing qualities …. But we are also very sensitive, caring and vulnerable…  Now from my experience , I have spent most of my life trying to do things alone..I taught myself to be very independent since high school…always with my parents support however felt the need of starting helping out in my home and just my personality was that type…of getting things “Done” alone! Once finish college decide to take a journey of travelling to US to start a life alone…feeling as I could live on my own ..I did it and it has been a great amazing learning journey to what it has led me… However, through the experiences that I have had on my life I have realized that I am vulnerable and that I need friends, people around and most support in moments that I need… Going through difficult transitions have shown me that we can always face better challenges in a more positive outlook when we have someone to listen to us, when there is a shoulder or just a hug that we can find as women!

These challenges that I have been facing for a few years have taught me that there is so much love to share and give…that having a “Tribe” of friends and sisterhood can makes us stronger, can empower us, can help us to lift up our spirits…. So i admitted that I need affection, love, comfort and that sometimes I cant do it on  my own…That is why I decide to open up our community Yoga project a few months ago, Women Yogi Circle in Tampa Bay… Its a circle that connects women around support, healing, love and fun! Bringing times to love, share, live and just loving each other! A group where we meet new individuals, we explore ourselves, we listen and learn from each other without judgments and feeling in a relaxed space of unity, love and lots of fun activities!  That is what Yoga is for me, bringing that desire of sharing and giving love to others..helping each other and supporting each other.

Having a close group of women, a support group , a ‘Tribe” is about just being us, being vulnerable, loving other and letting others show that love for us, giving and receiving. support, comfort and just living in community and living the present happy!

Women we are not meant to do everything alone; know that you have support and that is ok to ask for for help, to reach out for advise, to love and just to be vulnerable…all these makes us amazing individuals and makes us the women and amazing souls in our society… So join my tribe of WOMEN YOGI CIRCLE and lets meet , connect, grow, support and help each other out sisters, ladies, friends!

Lets open up to every single experience that life can brings us as a whole…as a TRIBE..We need this ladies …we are one..!.this is when Yoga Heals Now!…This is what Yoga is about, finding balance, living in community and accepting ourselves and any vulnerability that we carry…..We make that choice of giving that time and opportunity to find a space for ourselves to connect with a tribe that will welcome your energy, love and will give you the same back ! …so take a step forward and meet and connect with us! I look forward to hear from you !

Love and Light!

Karo Yogi

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4 Replies to “Why Women should have a “Tribe”?”

  1. I love this idea Carolina! You are so creative to put together a group like this. I look forward to attending my first meeting! I’ve heard great things. ?

    1. Thank you Megan for you reply ..Just noticed it ..Sorry about that! am so excited you are down… working in Art Workshop and very excited to see you there!!! Thank you so much for support …without everyone help I couldn;t do it. ! Love and light! Karolina

    1. Thank you for your reply prima! Will be holding events mostly here in Tampa but also online so I will keep you posted and also you can always support me from there and support each other online…there is no distance…

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