The Cooling Breath to control ANGER!

Are you feeling angry or irritated and need to relieve that heat? Have you had a heated discussion and need to cool off? or are you just sick of feeling hot flashes? Are you curious on how you can cool all these off with your own body without anyone’s help?

I like to introduce you to an amazing tool we humans have that is a very powerful tool which is our “BREATH”! Yes… as simple as it sounds, you are about to learn one of the “coolest” and “cooling” breathing techniques to relieve any of the situations that cause you irritations, make you feel disturb, upset or any heated situation that will bring your peace, calmness and tranquility down.

Its important to cover some basics of where I am going with this and where is this coming from. So here you have it:

Long time ago, the yogi world and experts discovered a cooling pranayama practice that calm you down and soothe you in a matter of a few minutes…. Yes just a few! So please hear me out.

I will explain what this amazing world called Pranayama objective.

Pranayama is “extension of the prāṇa or breath” or “extension of the life force”. The word is composed of two Sanskrit words: prana, which is “life force” and yama which,  means “control “. So basically with our breathing we can “control the life force within our body”.  Now, what is more fun about this, is that, within Pranayama world, you can find a very easy breathing techniques that can help different organs and conditions in our bodies as well.

What we want to present you here is what is going to help you to relieve that heat caused by irritation, anger, discussions, or hot flashes. This cool pranayama is called Sitkari, which is “the cooling breath”; this breathing technique is so beneficial, when practiced correctly, because it can support the parasympathetic nervous system and activate what is commonly known as “ relaxation response” reducing stress and its effects on your body and mind.

The practice of SITKARI breathing calms the mind, cools the body and mind, reduces the stress or fight – flight response, it helps for lower blood pressure.

So you might be wondering what is so different to our regular breath or what does it make it so cool?. The uniqueness and difference to our regular breathing is the refreshing effect into the body produced by the hissing sound that is produced while inhaling through the front teeth, which is allowing air sound drawing get  into the body, producing that cooling effect.

This breathing technique is very simple and easy to apply at anytime in any place, for all levels, for any of you guys! So can you give it a try and start to see if this really works?

Here are some basic steps to follow to get started:

  • Sit Comfortable, with a straight spine, shoulders relaxed and take a deep normal breath.
  • Gently close your eyes and press your lower and upper teeth together and separate your lips, so your teeth are exposed to the air.
  • Inhale through your mouth slowly through the gasp of your teeth focusing on the hissing sound of the air coming into your system.
  • Exhale through your nose, by closing your mouth, let your tongue sligthly touch the roof of your palate, and feel the cooling refreshing air that have just  entered your entire system.
  • You can start 4 to 5 rounds  to start getting the feeling of this practice.
  • Repeat this inhalation and exhalation up to 15 times to get used to the rhythm .
  • Continue making it part of a calming way every time you need it, to relieve any stress from any situation.

Here are some precautions you might want to keep in mind in case if you feel it.

  • Under No circumstances the breathing should be forced.
  • If you have Low Blood pressure then this pranayama can bring it further down. So you must be careful.
  • You may feel little cold or tingling sensation in the throat due to cold air but this is normal.
  • If you feel dizzy then please  stop the practice and continue normal breathing.

Sitkari cools not just the mouth , but it has this cooling effect on the whole body and mind as well. It’s also known as to purify the blood as well.  So, give it a try and stay tuned to my video showing you this breathing practice… Also, stay tuned for my next blog which will show you another amazing “Pranayama Breathing Technique” to help and heal yourself …. coming soon!

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