Mandala Exploration Workshop night by Women Yogi Circle

Another amazing night with like minded women friends and sisters!

Our Women Yogi Circle had started in Tampa bay a few months back, it has become our monthly ritual & gathering of Women who come together and connect for a beautiful time where love, laughs, experiences are shared and support and healing is reached!

This is our 5th Women Yogi Circle and I am so fullfilled and thankful for the continuous growing and success.  Women Yogi Circle is a community project that I have been inspired to start and it is a spiritual gathering where women come together , to connect with others for healing, love, support by sharing with each other.

Our amazing topic and exploration last night was around Mandalas. This was a successful beginning of a series of fun workshops  that will continue coming up. It was a beautiful Night that took place at …..

one of my beautiful friends and supporters Claudia Avila. As we gathered in her Zen paradise backyard we gathered into a wonderful meditation to welcome the amazing spiritual experience. As we meditate together , I invited participants to open for creativity and for letting go everything that would not serve them… as I walked them through with an soothing background music and settle them into the stillness of finding the present, my heart fills up of just joy of seeing how this beautiful group of women connect with their minds and souls to welcome a fun and very awaited moment!

Once meditation was pleasantly over continually connected with breathing practice and just a bit of body release and stretching, we gave Beginning to the fun Mandala Core and exploration!

This particular night was an invitation to explore and invite spirituality into our creativity and just as therapy to be able to release and let go. An important moment to be able to find our feelings and just let creativity fly as we color from our hearts the  mandalas.

For those who might not be familiar with Mandalas, mandalas are a “Sacred circles “used universally to promote healing and other positive states of being. This was a night  where everyone relax . Where through mediation we found  balance for our body, mind, and spirit and we were able to connect. Where , we all made an spiritual connection by expanding our creativity while coloring the mandalas.
It was a beautiful activity to bring self-awareness your self-expression.


Once again my heart rejoices welcoming new souls for theirs first time and this circle continue growing in the community. Thank you Taina, Mama, Gloria Andrea, Mehreen, Olga, Nancy and everyone else joining for the 1st time. Hope to see all of your beautiful faces soon and please spread the word to all the women in the Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete area who would be part of a like minded healthy Yogi community!

For those in other areas stay tuned  with our “facebook Live events” .

As we come together , we support each other.. as we open ourselves we can heal we let go of judgement and prejudices we just let go of everything that doesn’t serve us and we welcome love, laughs and happiness into our souls.

Lets all heal in a circle, as the circle  we are! Lets all heal as one!

Much Love and Light  !

Karo Yogi


13 Replies to “Mandala Exploration Workshop night by Women Yogi Circle”

  1. Maravillosos momentos de conexión con mi corazón, con todo mi cuerpo y con mi entorno, la tranquilidad y armonia se respira en el circulo sagrado de Amor. Muchas gracias karo yogui por compartir tu sabiduria y amor por crear un espacio sagrado donde las mujeres sanamos a traves del amor por nosotras y por nuestro gracias y Múltiples Bendiciones.

    1. Mil gracias por tu bello mensaje. Me alegra escuchar tus palabras. Me hace feliz que traes tu energia,amor y corazon siempre y me llena el corazon siempre recibir tu apoyo…Gracia por ayudarme a crecer! Karo@Yoga Heals Now

  2. I had the pleasure of participating in the Mandala Workshop. It was a bonding experience with the other ladies, we all felt close to each other and there was a genuine attitude of acceptance and love for one another. We were all welcomed into a healing and spiritual exercise that involved breathing techniques, stretching, and relaxation of mind body and soul. We were able to release our creative side and inspire and be inspired by all present. I’m looking forward into participation on other up comings event held by Carolina and would highly recommend it to all my friends and family.

    1. Lovely Taina! It was such a pleasure having you with your amazing energy and lovely soul! My heart feel so happy to hear your kind words and im looking so forward to see you again in our upcoming gatherings and Yoga classes.
      Much love your way! Thank you for helping me to grow!
      Karo@ Yoga Heals Now

  3. The woman’s circle is an amazing get together full of love and support. The women who get together shared experiences and we are all there to love each other and offer an ear to listen, a hug to comfort, and a relaxing spiritual yoga exercise. The mandala workshop was creative, relaxing, safe, and welcoming with all the women who participated in the event. So much love for Karolina who brings this to life!

    1. Dear Emmy! Its been a long journey and a beautiful one sharing so many unforgettable moments with you and I do appreacite so much your lovely words and kindness, as well as support in helping to grow in this journey. Know that you have made part of it and feel so happy to hear that you find in the circle a relaxing and welcoming space to connect with your soul and others as well. I love you so much and lets continue growing together! Karo @Yoga Heals Now

  4. It was a very relaxing and nice time.
    I felt welcomed and at ease.
    Karo Yogi led the circle with a respectful and professional way where you as a first timer feel included and part of the group from minute one.
    Thank you ladies!

    1. Thank so very much Gloria for your kind words! We are very excited to have you . Thank you for bringing your energy t the group and I hope very much that you can continue coming to our gatherings to grow your spiritual connection with yourself and others. Thank you again for helping us to grow! Karo @ Yoga Heals Now

  5. It was a great pleasure to be part of the Mandala Workshop. It was truly an experience of relaxation, love and connection with the other women within the circle. I am looking forward to our next meeting! Love to all. :)

    1. Nancy! I do appreciate so much your feedback . I really enjoyed connecting spiritually with you. I am so happy to hear that you found this gathering a relaxing experience and really look forward to seeing you in our upcoming classes so you can begin your yoga journey and amazing self connection we all need! Mil Gracias por tu presencia y energia! Karo @Yoga Heals Now.

  6. What an awesome experience once again with this Women’s circle! Carolina you did an amazing job in creating this beautiful and inspiring circle for us to share in. The relaxation, meditation and mandala activity were just what I needed :) Can’t wait for the next one!

    1. Dear Maria ! Thank you much for always expressing your kind words and support. I am hapy that you have found in the gathering an space to relax, share and find some “ME ” time and connection…lol..Please continue bringing your energy and love! Thank you for helping me to grow ! Karo@Yoga Heals Now

  7. Me encantaría tener la oportunidad en Medellin Colombia, de pertenecer a un grupo como el que están formando ustedes……no solamente encuentran salud fisica, mental si no también un grupo de amigos maravilloso…. felicitaciones a todas y cada una de las personas que pertenecen a este grupo.

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