How to relieve LOWER BACK PAIN through YOGA

Lower Back pain is a very common problem that can really undermine and just decreased your physical activity if not taking care properly. Also with the time , can increase the intensity and also affect your daily life. Since I have experienced this, I decided to write this blog to share my experience and share the poses that have helped along the way to relieve and decrease the pain. Here is my history:

I have been going with  lower back pain over the last 2 years. Initially it started just with some sharp pains back in 2014 . It will bother me for a short period of time then it will go away …. and just like that every now and then it will come back . Now my latest episode happened in July 2026. It was the worst episode where my lower back was in excruciating pain, to the point that I could not walk, sleep or just stay in bed in any position. This event triggered me to definitely take a real action and hoping will end my problem soon… Immediate relieve was go to urgent care and get pain medicine. However I am a holistic believer and don’t believe in traditional medicine , but due to the severity of the pain and intensity I had no choice at this time… Once I took the pain relievers I started, which alleviate temporarily the pain, I really knew I had to have something really happening after a long time of these symptoms coming back and for. This is when I decided to get an MRI done . Effectively the outcome was 2 herniated disc on the base of my spine right above the sacrum… not happy with the result, however I was finally relieved with knowing with what was happening to me.

The pain ceased just a bit but it was affecting tremendously my physical performance . I am a very active person and it was affecting my performance because I really could not continue with my regular routine . Jumping rope, running, and any exercise that brought any sort of axial weight should not have been since it will put so much impact in the sacrum and most likely to push those discs even more.

With lower back pain you want to try to listen t your body so you can start getting a feeling of what i triggering your lower back problem. Its important to understand our body and once we are able to determine what it might causing the pain , then best thing is to create a routine to strengthen the core muscles of your abs and gluts. In reality this is the solution so the weight on the pain start being released though these other group of muscle.

Now, even though I was so active feeling the frustration of lowering my intensity in my work outs  brought me back to just accept and listen to my body . and that is when I realized I have had the best solution , that I had for a while but didn’t even took advantage of it. and this is YOGA. Yoga is an amazing practice that will help you to develop a certain series of exercise that are going to help you to strengthen those muscles at the same time will help you to minimize the frustration .

A regular Yoga routine will minimize the pain and its going to create a healthy, non invasive for the body, plus home solution that will not cost you a penny . The following Yoga Poses  will get you started with a home Yoga routine, even for those that have never done Yoga in their lives.

Get you mat and jump right ON to relieve that LOWER BACK PAIN!!


From a kneeling position, the knees and arms form a box with the spine and neck in a neutral position. The hips and shoulders are squared to the earth and the palms are rooted with the weight of the body equally distributed between the heel of the hands and the top of the knees. The joints are stacked with the wrists, elbows and shoulders in a straight line. The gaze is down.

Inhale as you drop your belly and gaze forward and Exhale as you arch you spine, tuck your chin in  and press palms down to earth. Repeat up to 10 times, finding your own peace.  This breathing and pose will warm up your spine, releasing tension and pain from lower back.


How to get into? The body is positioned in an inverted “V” with the palms and feet rooted into the earth and sits bones lifted up towards the sky. The arms and legs are straight. The weight of the body is equally distributed between the hands and the feet. The eye of the elbows face forward. The ribcage is lifted and the heart is open. Push Shoulders away from ears . Align your head along with your ams. The neck is relaxed and the crown of the head is toward the earth. The gaze is down and slightly forward

Breathe and Inhale as you perhaps micro-bend one knee at time and Exhale as you micro-bend the opposite leg, tuck your chin in  and press palms down to earth. Repeat up to 10 times, finding your own peace.


From a lounging position, the hips are parallel and squared to the earth with the front knee bent in a 90-degree angle and flat on the earth. The front foot rests close to the groin. The back leg is extended with the knee and the back foot squared, parallel and pressed firmly into the earth. The ribcage is lifted. The heart is open. Fingers rest on the earth by the side body. The gaze is forward.

BREATHING. Inhale, as you lift up, pulling your pelvic area up and Exhale as you come down. Repeat 5 to 10 times each and enjoy the warmth and energy. :)!


From a supine position, on your back, the hips are pressed up with the heels of the feet rooted into the earth close to the sits bones. The toes are actively lifted and the pelvis tucked. The thighs are parallel to the earth and the fingers are interlaced under the body with the ribcage lifted and the heart open. The back of the neck rests on the earth. The gaze is to the sky.

BREATHING. Once you lift up INHALE and as you come down, EXHALE. Repeat 5 to 10 times each and enjoy the warmth and energy. :)!

Make this 4 poses a regular practice so you feel the benefits along the way! 

Have fun and enjoy practicing! 

Namaste !

Karo Yogi


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