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About us – Yoga Heals Now

Karo Yogi

Here is my story and why I share your feelings. One of the struggles I live with every day is feeling overwhelmed and overthinking quite often. I observe and keep noticing how these feelings have been constantly present and it really takes a big toll in my life. Feeling Anxious is almost part of every day in my life and of course along with it, the stress and isolation feelings that sometimes come along are a constant struggle. Generally anyone who never experience this could NOT relate to this, but I am sure  are still with me here , if you ever went through this or is going through this at the present time, YOU know exactly that this is a REAL struggle . Here is what is bad about it:

Feeling overwhelmed is a common symptom of Anxiety.Now Anxiety along with stress are naturally an overwhelming condition that affect you physically and mentally . It triggers your FIGHT or FLIGHT response that it takes all your mental and physical energy. To the chemical level, anxiety even affects the way neurotransmitters and hormones are produced, leading to changes in the way you think and feel. So when your body reacts to this flight response, your whole nervous systems and immune systems lowers its response, reducing your good hormones and affecting severely your mental and physical response .  Here is where the emotional distress occurs, and there is always a lack of just good feelings and energy. 

So here is what happened to me: Even though I have practiced Yoga for a few years ,( here is me , yes I am a Yoga instructor ) these feelings were taking over and my practice didn't feel syncing and wasn't feeling connected. If you are not familiar with Yoga, Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation. the whole purpose is connect all these 3 elements together to help you find balance and peace for body and mind.

All this sounds terrific right ? But let me tell you, even though I enjoyed the practice , I didn't feel this for a minute and for a while kept getting disconnected from the real "purpose " of the practice... so I had to stop myself and analyze why I was feeling like this....the level of stress and anxiety took me to a place that I HAD TO MAKE A FULL STOP and recognize what was going on and face my own reality....I got to a point to feel depleted it totally and not been present to teach my students what I preached to be practiced in life "Mind Body Soul " right?
So here I am..I am telling you, sharing my raw naked reality , mentally and physically of what I have gone through and what it has been a daily struggle. The truth is that feeling overwhelmed and anxious can take over your whole world. But not everything is bad as it sounds, those seatbacks come into our path for a reason right? I have to tell you that as terrible as it sounds, this helped me to get to where I am today...I am excited as well to SHARE HOW I HAVE CHANGED this struggle and how I have been time to time and day by day continuously eliminating the discomfort of these feelings that were taking over my life.

Every day is a work in progress however my mind and body have changed to how I manage my anxiety and I have found a way to reset my own Mind and body to gain control over this. So I am here to help you to get control on these feelings and daily battle. I like to present you with some of the best tips to get control in a practical and easy way alright?

So I decided to recreate myself into the practice and create some routines for myself to feel a change. As I practice these easy routines, I start feeling that I was evolving with the practice in putting these into practice, I found myself managing better my anxiety and stress as well as in general the overwhelming symptoms that were showing up in my life... the bottom line is that through a daily yoga practice involving Breathing work, Physical practice, and nutritional tips I finally feel my good hormones endorphines are increasing to a high level boosting my energy, love, motivation and getting my balance back. 

So Are you still here with me? Awesome!!! If you are honestly, Thank you and I am happy that you are hanging here !lol! I promise it wont be too much longer , but worth it.

So It is time to share my simple but basic steps to Get YOU in Balance! Are you ready to GET your life balanced? I am happy  and honored you still here!

I can help you overcome mind obstacles, learn proper breathing, gain more control on your thoughts and reduce that level of anxiety and
overwhelms. Book your 1st Private FREE Session with me ! 

Love and Light ! 

I see and believe you ! 
Karo Yogi