Learning Yoga Online

A journey towards a better you!!

This Yoga Program is a powerful introduction to a basic yoga practice. Led by co-founder Carolina Smith , this FREE program  where you are going to get the tools you need for an adaptable Yoga practice anywhere. Now is the time to embark on a journey that will make you stronger, more flexible, youthful, and more present in your life.

Get ready to learn the foundations of yoga, deepen your understanding and learn fully the benefits of a regular practice. Whether you are new to yoga or are already a regular practitioner, gives you the foundation for a lifelong practice.

Making Yoga your daily habit

Its normally known as 3 to 4 weeks to start building a new habit.  Getting started with your new Yoga practice will be a new challenge and wonderful benefits you will be bringing to your health overall. We will break down in a weekly format with 7 poses per week , 1 per day and every week our package of poses will be focused in a particular condition ( headaches, digestion, flexibility etc) to apply it to your normal regular routine

Results will be phenomenal but only if you it challenge and do yoga every day for the 4 weeks to get started! After you will be hooked and your body , mind and soul will scream for your practice, then we will bring you that sequence together to be practiced all together. Your flexibility, strength and state of mind will change to better!!!

Get READY to embark with me a beautiful learning!

Thank you !


Karo Yogi

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